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Sheer® GLYDE Dams

Silky thin latex sheets especially designed as a barrier for use during oral sex.

Sheer Glyde Dams

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Sheer® GLYDE Dams

Vegan FriendlySHEER GLYDE dams are a silky thin 25cm x 15 cm (10 inches x 6 inches) latex sheet especially designed as a barrier for use during oral sex (cunnilingus — oral vaginal sex, or rimming — oral/anal sex).

Importance of safe oral sex

Sheer GLYDE Dam

Most men and women do not understand the risk they may be exposing themselves to when engaging in unprotected oral sex. During oral sex, unless a barrier product is used, many infections can be transmitted, including genital herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV/AIDS. SHEER GLYDE dams, when properly used, help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Have fun with coloured, flavoured dams

Sheer GLYDE Dam Carton

Our remarkable superior quality SHEER GLYDE dams are available in a variety of fun and fruity colours and flavours including creme/vanilla, pink/strawberry, purple/wildberry and black/cola. Many users also like to use GLYDE Ultra personal lubricant with SHEER GLYDE dams.

SHEER GLYDE DAMS are packed for clinics and commercial users in boxes of 100. Individual users can purchase retail packs which contain 3 SHEER GLYDE dams and a sachet of lubricant.

Don't confuse SHEER GLYDE dams with dental dams

The SHEER GLYDE DAM was developed in response to the need for a barrier product for safe oral sex and is the registered, trade marked property of GLYDE Health Pty Ltd.

It is also the only FDA and European (CE) approved barrier product for protection against STIs during oral sex. In addition, the SHEER Dam is the product of type for Standards Australia, the official authorising agent for the Australian Federal Government. The dental dam was never intended for, nor has it been tested for, or proved to be effective in preventing transmission of STIs.

Although the SHEER GLYDE dam is often copied, worldwide sales of GLYDE dams are a testament to our product's unique silky, sensual feel. No other product compares — our customers love them and so will you.

Vanilla Dam


Strawberry Dam


Wildberry Dam


Cola Dam


Watch your Mouth!

View our brochure below detailing how and why to use a SHEER GLYDE dam and the diseases that can be avoided through correct usage of the dam.

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