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From Our Managing Director

Clive Woodworth, GLYDE Managing DirectorHello, my name is Clive Woodworth. I started GLYDE Health over 30 years ago with my main aim being to develop a brand of sexual health products of the highest quality with the brand name itself – GLYDE – representing much more to users than just another condom company.

I have always been passionate about the importance of people practising safe sex, but 30 years ago I was well aware that condoms did not have a good reputation for enhancing sexual intimacy, even though condoms were the main protection against what was then an HIV/AIDS epidemic in Australia, as was happening in many countries around the world, particularly in the USA.

I thus began my quest to find a latex condom manufacturer which could produce the highest quality, highest strength condom that would be sheer enough to still satisfy users while protecting them against potentially deadly STIs. After much research and travel to Malaysia, which arguably produces the highest quality latex condoms, I eventually found the right manufacturer and the GLYDE brand condom was launched.

Then, as now, my main focus for GLYDE is education. I have achieved this by developing the company into a public sector specialist – the only company of its kind in Australia. GLYDE is not a retailer – instead GLYDE partners with several State Health Departments and many NGOs and educational institutions around Australia, supplying GLYDE brand products along with educational information to their sexual health clinics. In addition, GLYDE partners with many of these organisations in specific education-oriented activities and promotions. For example, many people still don’t understand the importance of using water based lubricant with latex condoms to help reduce user breakage and enhance the experience. GLYDE has worked very hard to get this message out to the community via the clinics we work with. I have also expanded the GLYDE brand, distributing the full range of sexual health products including four sizes of latex condoms, (plain as well as coloured and flavoured condoms including the first 60mm diameter based condom on the market, the GLYDE SuperMAX), plus water based lubricant, the SHEER GLYDE barrier Dam in four flavours and latex gloves — in short, Australia’s first and only one stop sexual health organisation.

Throughout GLYDE’s 30 years in business, I am proud to say the company has never had a product recall. In addition, GLYDE is responsible for the FC2 female condom being available to Australian women.

Before launching GLYDE in 1990, my main career focus was in sales and marketing. Through this experience I have learned the best way to manage and grow a business is to know, and to listen to customers to best understand their goals and needs. For example, this was the reason I launched the SHEER GLYDE Dam (often copied but never bettered) in response to conversations I had with the lesbian community regarding their need for a protective barrier product designed especially for them.

Today I am still as passionate as I was 30 years ago about the importance of everyone, but in particular our young, indigenous and at-risk people, understanding the importance of practising safe sex and having access to affordable safe sex products. It is distressing to learn that STIs that should by now have been eradicated in Australia, such as syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea are on the rise. It is also alarming that HIV/AIDS with its devasting effects is so prevalent in Africa and is an increasing concern in countries such as Australia’s nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea.

GLYDE products are available around the world, with the company working with distributors in Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Israel and the USA. I will continue to work with them, but most importantly with GLYDE’s Australian partners, in doing everything possible to improve sexual health outcomes for Australians.

Watch this space for exciting new development opportunities for the company — and remember, “Play Safe – don’t forget your GLYDE’s”.