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GLYDE Products are Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

GLYDE latex condoms are vegan friendly. GLYDE's Ultra condom range is manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards using a vegetable protein rather than a casein binding agent. No components of GLYDE condoms contain products of animal origin. In addition, GLYDE condoms are not tested on animals.

The testing processes used on GLYDE condoms include checking the length and width, tensile properties (this is the force that needs to be applied before breakage occurs) before and after ageing of the condoms and elongation point before breakage occurs. Our condoms are tested for freedom from holes by air testing and are checked for any defect in colours, flavours and packaging. Burst testing is carried out by both air pressure testing and filling the condoms with liquid. All testing is done by machines in laboratories.

Similarly, GLYDE Premier Lubricant and SHEER Dams contain no animal by-products and are suitable for use by vegans.